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Any individual who habitually uses any narcotic drug so as to endanger the public morals, health, safety, or welfare, or who is so drawn to the use of such narcotic drugs as to have lost the power of self-control with reference to his or her drug use.

Addiction to narcotics is not a crime in itself, but that does not excuse violation of related statutes. It may be an offense to be under the influence of an illegal drug in a public place, even though being an addict is not illegal. While such a statute is intended to protect society from the dangers of drug abuse and the antisocial conduct of drug abusers, it generally is not necessary for conviction to prove that the defendant was disturbing the peace when arrested.


Drugs and Narcotics.

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The report said in Punjab the prisoners who are addicted to drugs have been allocated barracks that are called recovery centres.
Dubai: Families of drug addicts must guard against the dangers of slipping into depression after the long-drawn process of rehabilitation, an official at a Dubai-based rehab centre has warned.
HERAT -- Counter-narcotics department of Herat province said that more than 60, 000 addicts exist in Herat province of which 13 percent are females.
'Most of the addicts who run to rehabilitation centres after organisations or the government announce free treatment go there just to impress people,' Mbogo said.
The inhalation of poisonous smoke burns both mental and physical capacities of addicts into ashes.
Among Asia's top ten internet countries, Pakistan is ranked 7th with 17.5 million internet users and out of them 50% use online SNS.13A cross-sectional study amongst 412 medical students of Agha Khan University, indicated that 74% of the sample was minimal addicts, 24% were moderate addicts and 2% were severe addicts.14
Lead author Hidehiko Takahashi said in the statement: "We noticed that gambling addicts also have higher levels of mood and anxiety disorders.
Can we be happy with the rest of our family and friends and still feel comfortable loving our addicted children?
-A woman sitting near the driver giving money the addict
This strange request comes from an aggrieved father whose 20- yearold son has become addicted to drugs and the family has exhausted all alternative but to seek a jail term to reform their son.
Sample and Method: Sample of 50 addicts and 50 non-addicts were collected in Lahore, Pakistan.
Ibrahim, a Tramadol addict who had tried to receive treatment in a public hospital, says he has failed several times to complete the programme.