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Found guilty of transferring obscene material to a minor, disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner's sentencing memorandum begins, "This crime arose from the sad confluence of untreated addiction and profit-seeking curiosity.
Formalizing tweets present addiction "facts"; report addiction-related news, information, and research; offer advice and support for managing addictions; express opinions on addiction; circulate stories of "recovery" intended to inspire; or direct people to treatment services.
She specializes in forensic therapy and works extensively with populations such as sex offenders, batterers and individuals with chemical dependency issues and process addictions.
Barry Solof, the author of this book, is a graduate of Yale Medical School and has been practicing addiction medicine for thirty-five years.
During our JAOC Editorial Board and International Association of Addictions and Offender Counselors (IAAOC) Executive Board Meetings held at the American Counseling Association's Annual Conference in San Francisco, I received guidance from our leaders and reviewers that led to a change in editorial direction.
To measure this addiction researchers from Norway have developed a new instrument called the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale.
Recent brain science studies using various types of neuroimaging support the concept that the process addictions also stimulate dopamine secretion, thus putting these behaviors on a parallel course with drug abuse as addictive diseases and leading to ASAM's including them in its new definition of addiction (Blum 2012; Oberg, Christie & Tata 2011; Potenza et al.
In this four-volume set for professionals and lay readers, experts from around the world highlight the latest issues and research into addictions of all kinds.
COLORADO SPRINGS -- All addictions, whether chemical or behavioral, should be viewed as different manifestations of an underlying addiction syndrome-and addiction recovery programs will fail to achieve optimal outcomes until their protocols reflect this view, Howard J.
There is a strong likelihood that they are highly addictive substances and that some of the same strategies that work for other addictions may effectively combat inhalant abuse as well.
He also admits to using his good looks to feed his addictions, "Being good-looking," he says, "was never a burden, It certainly got me into clubs before I was of age.
Wiley currently publishes a wide range of books and journals in a variety of psychology categories, including addictions, developmental psychology, social psychology and educational and school psychology.

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