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LEGACY, ADDITIONAL. An additional legacy is one which is given by a codicil, besides one before given by the will; or it is an increase by a codicil of a legacy before given by the will. An additional legacy is generally subject to the same qualities and conditions as the original legacy. 6. Mod. 31; 2 Ves. jr. 449; 3 Mer. 154; Ward on Leg. 142.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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To qualify for the credit, the partnership, estate or trust must have paid the special additional tax for a tax year beginning on or after January 1, 2004.
26, 2004, the date on which T filed the amended return and paid the additional tax due.
From High court of Sindh, Karachi Naveed Ahmed Soomro additional sessions judge Karachi (Malir), Liaquat Ali khoso additional sessions judge Karachi (Central), Ghulam Qadir Tunio Additional sessions judge kambar shaddad Kot, Syed zulfiqar Ali Shah sessions judge Tando Muhammad Khan, Halim Ahmed Additional Sessions judge Karachi (East) and Shayam Lal Ladhani Additional Sessions Judge Larkana earned distinctions.
Additional works for designing and executing intersection roads to connect Muscat International Airport with Muscat Expressway for Muscat Municipality at RO3,932,380.
As an example, if the insurer is going to provide liability coverage for an additional insured through an endorsement to a CGL form, the insurer must also live up to the duty to defend.
Dai Lloyd Plaid Cymru South Wales West Travel costs: pounds 2,483.20 Office costs: pounds 13,736.24 Additional costs: pounds 0 Staff salaries : pounds 75,987.26 Most notable claim: Spent pounds 2,070 advertising his constituency surgeries in Swansea City's programme and pounds 1,468.75 in the Ospreys'.
All too often, the parties merely "check the box" by making sure that the words "insurance" and "additional insured" appear in the contract and then give no further thought to whether the words in the contract are sufficient to confer any insurance rights at all.
Croix (one additional daily), Antigua (one additional daily), St.
The final rule contains additional changes to clarify the applicability of the rule and the requirements for market research before soliciting offers for acquisitions that could lead to a consolidation of contract requirements.
The two primary means of transferring these in construction contracts are indemnification clauses and requirements for additional insured status.

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