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They concluded that as used in tobacco products, these additives don't present any cause for concern.
Other additives help modify the acidity and alkalinity of foods for proper flavor, taste and color.
Competition in the Chinese feed additive industry is fierce, as there are about 1200 to 1500 feed additives manufacturers in the country, including foreign-funded enterprises, joint ventures, and local private enterprises.
Dry powder or compounding of lubricant/ processing aid masterbatches from lb to truckload quantities in all resin systems and additives combined with colorants to provide multifunctional concentrates.
Over-charging the system will lead to desorption of additives and particulates.
Selected Carbonaceous Additives (predominately causticized lignite and blended carbonaceous dispersions)--These materials are widely used in the foundry industry for multiple applications and will positively modify the characteristics of Western Bentonite.
5-inch-thick black binder containing the 1992 additives and their properties.
Hence, adherence to emerging environmental legislation will result in greater adoption of fuel additives by vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and fuel producers to meet stringent emission and fuel standards.
Custom made pelletized concentrates of antioxidants, pigments, and other additives for elastomers and engineering thermoplastics.
China's demand for plastic additives has grown at a fast pace in the past decade.
Some masterbatches combine HALS and uv absorbing components and can also include other beneficial additives such as antioxidants.
Since the treatment additives are injected into the ductwork upstream of the point where the solid particles are settled out as wastes, EDAP/TETS is considered a process modification by the state of Kansas, and, therefore, the system is exempt from RCRA permit requirements.