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The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Africa-Europe Diaspora Development Platform (ADEPT) have collabortated to enhance the positive contribution of migration to the areas of agricultural and rural development.
We are signing this Memmorandum of Understanding with ADEPT today to work more closely together and give visibility to the potential diaspora holds, but also to what is already happening with diaspora communities.
Rashid bin Saad al-Mohannadi, director of the QRCS social development department, said: "Adepts comprises a series of interactive lectures and educational workshops that deal with different topics and issues related to the lives of youth, solve their problems, broaden their minds and instil useful attitudes and thoughts in them, building upon their experiences, tendencies and mental- and age-related faculties."
The Adepts programme has three dimensions: abilities that will create an innovative personality; morality to promote ideals such as timely observance of prayer, honesty, truthfulness, benevolence, tolerance; and proper management to acquire personal and practical skills such as mind mapping, teamwork, smart goal setting and executive planning.
Secondly, if a development REIT Scheme for the development of housing sector is set up by 30.6.2018, for the first three years the rate of Income tax chargeable on dividend income of such REIT was reduced by 50 percent, adepts added.
Amherst-based MobileRobots has been purchased by a California firm called Adept Technologies that makes robotic arms for industry--a move that may bring the 15-year-old Amherst firm into the big leagues of the blossoming robot industry.
"The fact that a public company of significance, with Adept's reputation, has done this says that these people are real."
Within the mathematical expressions describing the properties of propagating waves are hints that specially constructed waves -- ADEPTs, for example -- might be good for the "localized, slowly decaying transmission of energy in space-time,c the researchers say.
According to Adept Technology, Lights Out Factory Automation has selected the AdeptSix 6-axis robot, the AdeptVision sAVI Guidance option, the Adept SmartModules and Adept Servo kits for Asia Pacific's FC assembly system.
One of the UK's major independent providers of unified telecommunications solutions, AdEPT Telecom plc, has announced it has inked a deal to acquire all of the issued stock capital of Comms Group UK Limited ("Comms Group"), a well-established UK based expert provider of unified communications, Avaya IP telephony, hosted IP solutions, IT and managed services.