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The study includes comprehensive laboratory testing of a number of Mactac's best-selling rubber adhesives, as well as its newest acrylic adhesives on popular grades of PORON polyurethane foams.
Efficiency of the denture adhesives was assessed in terms of retention, ability to chew, duration of effectiveness and improvement in speech and responses entered in the questionnaire.
However, like the coatings market, the adhesives market is experiencing structure adjustment.
12 April 2016 - US-based specialty chemical company Innovative Chemical Products Group has closed the acquisition of US-based polyurethane foam sealant and adhesives products manufacturer Fomo Products, Inc.
Vinyl adhesives include products based on polyvinyl acetate (PVAC) in particular.
Increasing demand for electronic adhesives from the electronic assembly industry globally
First, spring back can occur when too much adhesive is applied.
Most wood adhesives and bonded wood products--and the processes for making them--have been developed in the past century and have allowed for a great increase in wood utilization.
Researchers working with Aranzazu del Campo at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz, Germany, have taken inspiration from these mussel adhesives.
This chemistry gives the adhesive capabilities that were lacking in previous water based adhesives, including fast bonding (1 to 10 minutes) and a strong ultimate strength.