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Adhibit is approved in Europe for pediatric cardiac surgery.
Adhibit is a fully synthetic sprayable barrier, which binds to tissue and prevents surgical adhesions.
The trial randomized 71 patients, with 48 patients receiving the Adhibit treatment and 23 patients receiving no post-operative adhesion treatment (the Control group).
Adhibit was shown to reduce post-operative adhesion formation as measured by the modified American Fertility Society (mAFS) score, a scoring system that factors in both the extent and tenacity of adhesions.
The incidence of patients who suffered from adhesions was 100 percent greater in the group receiving the current standard of care (control group) as compared to the treatment group receiving Adhibit (65.
Adhibit is a spray gel applied at the time of surgery that binds directly to the tissue and creates a temporary barrier, preventing contact and adhesions from forming between tissue surfaces.