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They could identify several key structures such as incudomalleolar articulation, tympanic segment of the facial nerve, lateral semicircular canal and aditus ad antrum, all without provoking lesions in the middle ear structures.
Because of its location in the Prussak's space, acquired cholesteatomas of the pars flaccida generally displace the malle us head and the body of the incus medially From the Prussak's space, the mass can easily extend itself posteriorly in the superior incudal space towards the posterolateral portion of the attic, and then, through the aditus ad antrum, towards the antrum and the mastoid air cells10.
The soft tissue was extending in aditus ad antrum (85.
The mass had arisen in the epitympanum, and it extended from the aditus ad antrum to the external auditory canal.
1) that had engulfed the epitympanum with extrusion through the aditus ad antrum into the mastoid air cells.