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A POOR widow, ma'am,' said Ralph, with a powerful emphasis on that little adjective which conveys so much.
rhythm' is 'rhythmical'; there is no adjective from 'rime' except 'rimed.
Undistinguished' was the adjective that would have described him.
I do,' replied the serjeant with an oath, 'and a finer young fellow or one better qualified to serve his king and country, I never set my--' he used an adjective in this place--'eyes on.
It must be especially observed in justice to poor Kit that he was by no means of a sentimental turn, and perhaps had never heard that adjective in all his life.
N compounding: The formatives of these compounds are descriptive adjectives + nouns.
Called "almost perfectly written" by Publishers Weekly, We'd leave out "almost" and tag on the adjectives "rich" and "erotic.
Here are his nine characteristics along with some of his descriptive adjectives.
These and similarly positive expressions seem to be the favorite adjectives of the mainline liberal-left media when describing Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.
In future editions of both books, the editor can eliminate the inadvertent use of hyphens in compound adjectives beginning with an adverb and ending in -ly.
He said there were now only three adjectives currently in use in Australia.
Percentage of teens who selected the word "bored" from a list of adjectives to describe how they feel in school, according to a poll; "happy" and "challenged" were picked by 31 percent.