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ADJUDICATIONS, Scotch law. Certain proceedings against debtors, by way of actions, before the court of sessions and are of two kinds, special and general.
     2.-1. By statute 1672, c. 19, such part only of the debtor's lands is to be adjudged to the principal sum and interest of the debt, with the compositions due to the superior, and the expenses of infeoffment, and a fifth part more, in respect the creditor is obliged to take lands for his money but without penalties or sheriff fees. The debtor must deliver to the creditor a valid right to the lands to be adjudged, or transumpts thereof, renounce the possession in his favor, and ratify the decree of adjudication: and the law considers the rent of the lands as precisely commensurate to the interest of the debt. In this, which is called a special adjudication, the time allowed the debtor to redeem the lands adjudged, (called the legal reversion or the legal,) is declared to be five years.
     3.-2. Where the debtor does not produce a sufficient right to the lands, or is not willing to renounce the possession and ratify the decree, the statute makes it lawful for the creditor to adjudge all right belonging to the debtor, in the same manner, and under the same reversion of ten years. In this kind, which is called a general adjudication, the creditor must limit his claim to the principal sum, interest and penalty, without demanding a fifth part more. See Act 1 Feb. 1684; Ersk. Pr. L. Scot,. (????) s. 15, 16. See Diligences.

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The court instructed the jury to only consider the prior adjudications as evidence of the believability of the defendant, not as evidenced of guilt or innocence.
Asylum officers reported challenges in identifying fraud and assessing applicants' credibility, as well as time constraints, as key factors affecting their adjudications.
Finally, the board decides if it agrees or disagrees with the adjudications reached by the auditor and the police chief.
Next, it will describe the origins of the juvenile justice system and the current State and Circuit Court debate about whether juvenile non-jury adjudications can be defined as "prior convictions" for Apprendi purposes.
For example, the Second District Court of Appeal has held that adjudications can be withheld even if precluded by the statute if the court withholds adjudication pursuant to the Youthful Offender Act as codified in F.
This, in turn, may well lead to an increase in the percentage of matters decided in adjudications that go on to be litigated in the courts.
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We have spent months fighting off the false allegations cited by the main contractor and the adjudications prove our case.
This seemingly abstract question has taken on a more immediate complexion given the ruling last week that adjudications made by prison governors are illegal because they fall foul of Article Six of the European Convention of Human Rights - the right to a fair trial - and as a result some 900 prisoners who have had days added to their sentences through governors' adjudications have to be set free.