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ADJUNCTS, English law. Additional judges appointed to determine causes in the High Court of Delegates, when the former judges cannot decide in consequence of disagreement, or because one of the law judges of the court was not one of the majority. Shelf. on Lun. 310.

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Indeed, in another minute we were in a lofty room with skylight, easels, dressing-cupboard, platform, and every other adjunct save the signs of actual labor.
She was a mere adjunct in the twilight life of her aunt, a Frenchwoman, and her uncle, the orange merchant, a Basque peasant, to whom her other uncle, the great man of the family, the priest of some parish in the hills near Tolosa, had sent her up at the age of thirteen or thereabouts for safe keeping.
Adjuncts made headlines the same month at the University of South Florida, protesting low income and what they saw as action by the university to fight the efforts to unionize.
But adjuncts say the college is making that difficult by sending emails that oppose unionization and by seeking a religious exemption to the union-forming process overseen by the National Labor Relations Board.
Adjuncts are paid per course or per credit hour where total earnings vary based on workload.
Although there is no source that offers an exact approximation of the average salary of an adjunct professor, websites such as the Chronicle's Adjunct Project show that most adjuncts can expect to earn from $700 to $3,000 per course.
All three of us have served at various schools as adjunct professors and full-time faculty, and Richard has been an accounting coordinator responsible for hiring adjuncts (see "Adjuncts and IMA").
Arkansas Business surveyed more than a dozen public colleges and universities across the state and found two-year schools typically pay adjuncts between $1,200 and $2,000 per three-hour course taught, while four-year schools generally pay between $2,000 and $2,500.
Isolation, marginalization, and lack of recognition are common feelings expressed by adjuncts.
The Washington Post reported recently that Virginia's community college system retains 7,400 adjuncts but only 2,852 full-time professors.
There is a tremendous need for these adjuncts especially in Health Sciences, IT, Business, Engineering and many other fields.
We re proud of the adjuncts for sticking together during this drawn-out process, and our union hopes to sit down at the table with Duquesne s administration to begin bargaining as soon as possible, said USW International President Leo W.