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This will require you to aggressively shop around for a mortgage rate you can live with, Remember, fixed rate mortgages will carry higher interest rates than adjustable rate mortgages.
The Company's investment strategy is to acquire and manage a portfolio of high quality adjustable rate mortgage assets and to earn income from the difference between the yield on its mortgage assets and the cost of its borrowings, similar to a banking institution.
Even when rates are not rising, investors may want to counterbalance their traditional fixed-income investments with an adjustable rate mortgage mutual fund to reduce risk without sacrificing current yield.
This is further compounded by the fact that many types of adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) or Pay Option ARMs (http://smrfinancial.
Federal regulators from the FSLIC (Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corporation) have discovered that consumers are overpaying on their adjustable rate mortgages by more than $8 billion as a result of interest rate miscalculations.
com), the leader in formalizing and servicing family-and-friend loans, now documents and services adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) loans between private parties.
McGee pointed to the low affordability level in California housing markets as a key factor in the increasing popularity of the adjustable rate mortgage.
The group 1 collateral consists of 886 recently originated, one- to four-family residential, short-term adjustable rate mortgage loans.

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