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Once we have effective adjuvant therapy, it will eradicate the need for total lymph node dissection in patients with a positive node on SLNB.
This study presents an innovative approach to constructing a summary measure of "guideline-concordance" when there are multiple possible treatment components (here, different types of adjuvant therapy following breast cancer surgery) and the recommended treatment package for a patient is conditional on her particular clinical circumstances.
However, patients with stage 3 disease treated with adjuvant therapy did display a trend towards improvement with a 3.
Adjuvant therapy may significantly improve long-term survival and should be considered an important part of treatment for patients diagnosed with stage III NSCLC.
Table-III: Comparison between patients with adjuvant therapy and patients without adjuvant therapy.
In our study, most patients achieving partial remission were treated with a combination of prednisone and adjuvant therapy, in particular dapsone.
Computer program to assist in making decisions about adjuvant therapy for women with early breast cancer.
Traditionally, the decision to prescribe adjuvant therapy after enucleation has depended on presence of PRFs.
Adding an AI to adjuvant therapy improves disease-free survival and reduces the risk of distant metastasis, locoregional recurrence, and contralateral breast cancer.
Those recommendations stated that even in 2004, there was no definite consensus that adjuvant therapy was warranted for high-risk stage II colon cancer patients.
The benefit of extended adjuvant therapy was similar in the 290 women with premenopausal breast cancer who didn't start adjuvant letrozole until a median of 3 and maximum of 6 years after they completed their tamoxifen regimen and in those who started letrozole directly after tamoxifen.