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Although previous studies have provided insight into the factors potentially influencing receipt of adjuvant therapy, little is known about the delivery of adjuvant therapy in nonmetropolitan settings.
Owing to the excellent treatment effect of adjuvant therapy of immune cells, developed in Korea, it is expected that patients with liver cancer can have largely extended overall survival.
Computer program to assist in making decisions about adjuvant therapy for women with early breast cancer.
11,15,28,29) Some authors suggest that massive choroidal invasion is a significant risk factor for extraocular relapse, warranting adjuvant therapy, (13,22,25,30-32) whereas others have reported that only small percentage of patients with choroidal invasion experience extraocular relapse, that survival is more than 95%, and that adjuvant therapy should be withheld in these cases.
Adjuvant therapy - that is, chemotherapy after surgery - is thus attempted to try to improve outcomes.
Adding an AI to adjuvant therapy improves disease-free survival and reduces the risk of distant metastasis, locoregional recurrence, and contralateral breast cancer.
Those recommendations stated that even in 2004, there was no definite consensus that adjuvant therapy was warranted for high-risk stage II colon cancer patients.
Although low levels of miR-26 were linked to poor prognosis, those patients were more likely to benefit from interferon as an adjuvant therapy.
Yet, in many cases, surgeons were unaware whether their patient was resistant to taking adjuvant therapy (56 percent of patients), understood the risks and benefits of adjuvant treatment (54 percent), or could not tolerate adjuvant treatment (52 percent).
Randomized trial of letrozole following tamoxifen as extended adjuvant therapy in receptor-positive breast cancer: updated findings from NCIC CTG MA.
The results showed that the addition of Herceptin to standard adjuvant therapy "significantly" reduced the risk of breast cancer recurrence, the primary endpoint of the studies, by 52 percent (or a hazard ratio of 0.
Fall in mortality from breast cancer is due almost equally to screening and adjuvant therapy [News Roundup].