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Adjuvant therapy was also related to the postoperative survival time ( P = 0.030).
However, patients with stage 3 disease treated with adjuvant therapy did display a trend towards improvement with a 3.89-year longer median RFS.
Adjuvant therapy may significantly improve long-term survival and should be considered an important part of treatment for patients diagnosed with stage III NSCLC.
Table-III: Comparison between patients with adjuvant therapy and patients without adjuvant therapy.
Trastuzumab as adjuvant therapy for early breast cancer, the importance of accurate human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 testing.
The significance of anterior segment invasion as a putative risk factor for extraocular relapse is uncertain and adjuvant chemotherapy has been recommended by some authors, (13,14) whereas some authors recommend withholding the adjuvant therapy in such cases.
A survey of surgeons at 6 New York hospitals treating 119 women, who did not receive guideline-recommended adjuvant therapy, points out some contributing factors contributing to this.
Recombinant interferon alpha-2b and coenzyme Q10 as a postsurgical adjuvant therapy for melanoma: a 3-year trial with recombinant interferon-alpha and 5-year follow-up.
A new adjuvant therapy trial based on sensitivity profiling of each individual's tumour, and subsequent randomisation between a standard therapy or one based around the profile (e.g.
It is obvious that adjuvant therapy methods, which probably show smaller effects, need especially large and cost-intensive RCTs.
In addition to surgery, adjuvant therapy is used to kill any cancer cells that may have spread.
The results showed that the addition of Herceptin to standard adjuvant therapy "significantly" reduced the risk of breast cancer recurrence, the primary endpoint of the studies, by 52 percent (or a hazard ratio of 0.48) in women with HER2-positive breast cancer, compared to those patients who received standard adjuvant therapy alone, according to Genentech.