Administrative Board

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Administrative Board

A comprehensive phrase that can refer to any Administrative Agency but usually means a public agency that holds hearings.

An administrative board is usually obligated to represent the public interest; courts, in contrast, must remain impartial between the two parties before them. A Parole board, for example, holds informal hearings where prisoners are allowed to offer evidence of their suitability for early release from prison. The strict rules observed in a courtroom do not apply to board hearings like these, and the board's decision must take into account the public's interest as well as the prisoner's rights.

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The Administrative Board has reached the conclusion that the stand-alone value of the business without taking into account any synergies is already above the offered price, the statement said.
Rick Sullivan, president and CEO of the Special Administrative Board, says years of mismanagement and inconsistent leadership was the main reason for St.
He then met with the RiverCom Administrative Board to participate in a final interview during a special meeting on Nov.
With effect as of August 24, 2012, all members of the administrative board of Elster Group SE resigned from their office.
Today the board of Melrose PLC ("Melrose" or "the Company") announces it has reached agreement with the administrative board of Elster Group SE ("Elster") on the terms of a recommended proposal for Melrose to acquire Elster for $20.
According to a Los Angeles Times report, the three-member Marine Corps administrative board at Camp Pendleton found that Sgt.
CAIRO: The Scientific Complex's administrative board along with the security authorities notified the Interpol about books and manuscripts that were stolen amid attempts to salvage them from the fire that engulfed the complex, according to Mohamed El-Sharnoby, general secretary of the Complex.
Raad Hammoudi, head of the administrative board of Police Club is was one of the best goal keepers for more than ten years in different international tournaments.
The administrative board of the conservative faction that dominates with the Majlis right now with about 80 percent of the members has submitted a list of 13 prominent principleists to President Ahmadi-nejad, asking him to select nine of the men for a committee to strive for a united approach to the elections next March 2.
The Anglo-Jordanian Society discussed on Monday during its annual meeting in London the Society's annual report as well as electing president and members of the administrative board.
Summary: DUBAI -- The Indian Business and Professional Council, or IBPC, Dubai elected the nine Administrative Board Members for the period of two years starting April 2011 at its Eighth Annual General Meeting.
24, 2011 (TAP) - The Administrative Board of the Tunisian Union of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA) announced, on Monday, separation of the employers' organisation from the Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD) or any other political party.

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