Administrative Board

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Administrative Board

A comprehensive phrase that can refer to any Administrative Agency but usually means a public agency that holds hearings.

An administrative board is usually obligated to represent the public interest; courts, in contrast, must remain impartial between the two parties before them. A Parole board, for example, holds informal hearings where prisoners are allowed to offer evidence of their suitability for early release from prison. The strict rules observed in a courtroom do not apply to board hearings like these, and the board's decision must take into account the public's interest as well as the prisoner's rights.

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ECB stated that banks can ask this independent body to review the ECB's supervisory decisions and at the request of a directly affected person or legal entity, the Administrative Board will carry out an administrative review of the ECB's decisions regarding banking supervision.
But First Deputy Speaker Mirwais Yasini, who chaired the session, assured the protesting public representatives the administrative board would probe the issue.
Mohseni told reporters the commission, in its maiden session in Kabul, appointed administrative board members through a secret ballot.
The Administrative Board, whose members also stayed away from the house, could not take disciplinary action against the absent MPs, Ayubi observed.
19 of Sweden's 21 county administrative boards are now signing agreements with Tele1 Europe (NASDAQ: TEUR) (Stockholm Stock Exchange: TEUR) to provide their directly-connected telephony services.
KABUL (PAN): Several members of the Wolesi Jira accused the house administrative board of having weak management but the board hit back, saying MPs inattention had left the assembly inefficient.
Mr Eros was elected on November 9 at an annual general assembly for an assignment as President of the EAPB Administrative Board for two years.
James United Methodist Church, where he serves as a trustee and member of the administrative board.
The previous administrative board officials knew they are going to lose the elections and opted to stay away," he alleged.
He was nominated on May 2 by the Administrative Board of the Supervisory Authority with a five year renewable mandate.
Under the relevant rules, council members elect from amongst them members of the administrative board each year.
The amendments to the Regulations governing the functioning of these two bodies are mainly procedural changes to the management structures and division of work: renaming the Administrative Board to the Governing Board and reinforcing its role in handling work programmes and budget, and formal recognition of the Bureau (which will be in charge of administrative tasks).

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