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According to the company, in its decision, the Regional State Administrative Agency finds that the application discloses weighty reasons for reviewing the regularity of transactions made with all companies potentially belonging to the immediate circle of Danko Koncar.
As noted earlier, an administrative agency does not have to be entirely consistent as it moves from one decision to the next.
The California Supreme Court held that under a literal reading of the excess/umbrella liability policies at issue, the wording of the insuring agreement was broad enough to include coverage for environmental cleanup and response costs ordered by an administrative agency.
The state's administrative agency is responsible for passing through federal funds to local jurisdictions.
The most significant of these categorizations is the one on which most sections of this report are based: museum, public library, academic library, and State Library Administrative Agency (SLAA).
Powerine suffered a similar fate at the hands of the California Supreme Court, which held that administrative agency claims for pollution cleanup were not the equivalent of judicial proceedings and hence were not covered under the commercial general liability (CGL) policies issued by the insurers.
The Tax Court held that its jurisdiction is not limited to review of denials of section 6015(b) and (c) relief; there is a strong presumption administrative agency actions are subject to judicial review unless specifically precluded by statute or the action is committed to agency discretion by law.
In its brief, TEI stated that the issue of the deference to be accorded an agency's interpretative ruling "requires a careful balance and the answer properly depends on the extent of public involvement in the development of the agency rule." Although an administrative agency may develop expertise in the subject matters within its jurisdiction, the public has an indispensable role to play in ensuring that an agency is well informed and its position does not overreach.
In another Diamond initiative, he is refocusing the General Service Agency from being an administrative agency to being a contract administration agency.
One of Jackson's most important observations-all too rarely noted in the press-is that Big Money contributors can, and often do, buy something far more precious than lawmakers' votes: their intercession with a federal regulatory or administrative agency with whom a donor is experiencing trouble, At Tony Coelho's insistence, Jim Wright, then Majority Leader, came to the active aid of Thomas Gaubert, a Dallas multimillionaire and major player in the savings and loan industry and also, not coincidentally, a most generous contributor to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
The petitioners say the statutory term "processing" is not expansive enough to cover the separation of river sediment into its component parts, and so they asked us to reject the Department's interpretation of that term.<br />Because resolving this question implicates the authoritativeness of an administrative agency's interpretation and application of a statute, we asked the parties to also address this issue: "Does the practice of deferring to agency interpretations of statutes comport with Article VII, Section 2 of the Wisconsin Constitution, which vests the judicial power in the unified court system?"<br />We conclude that the term "processing" in Wis.

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