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ADMINISTRATRIX. This term is applied to a woman to whom letters of administration have been granted. See Administrator.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Judgment was given in favour of the defendant insofar as BT's claim in her capacity as administratrix of the estate of AT as the evidence failed to disclose any injury or illness for which compensation was recoverable.
Anthony, Administratrix of Succession of Bankston v.
1963) (summary judgment granted for administratrix in aviation insurer's suit for declaratory judgment in which only proof insurer offered to show that flight was one for which charge was made within exclusionary provisions was testimony that fell under bar of dead man's statute).
The administratrix of the victim's estate sued the government for negligently failing to prevent the assault and battery.
A wife was entitled to be the administratrix. If only orphans were involved, administrators were to take care of the children, making sure especially that the orphans were instructed in the "Holy Protestant Religion." Only the governor or his surrogates were allowed to probate wills, issue letters of administration, and approve all inventories.
Three employees or their representatives, i.e., Judith Fairchild (suing as widow and administratrix of the estate of Arthur Eric Fairchild, deceased), Doreen Fox (suing as widow and administratrix of the estate of Thomas Fox, deceased), and Edwin Matthews had been working for employers A and B at different periods of time.
The administratrix of Halecki's estate brought a wrongful death action, and the court issued jury instructions that allowed Halecki's estate to recover on two separate theories of liability--negligence or the unseaworthiness doctrine.
He was succeeded by his daughter, who served as administratrix of the estate and established a trust.
183, 188-90 (1931) (allowing an Oklahoma administratrix to resign and a Louisiana administrator to be appointed to destroy diversity so an action could be brought in Louisiana).
Written while Jones was reading Spengler and Knight, Crixus' supplication to the Great Mother as "administratrix of the demarcations" (SL 62) is a prayer to the Great Mother to "save us" from "the men who plan" (SL 62) and who would "square the world floor" and "take away the diversities by which we are" (SL 63).