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Consumers can discover applications on the Adobe AIR Marketplace, and then try them for free.
Offering new features and performance improvements to create more expressive AIR applications, Adobe AIR 1.
Tom Snyder Productions' updated version of its Timeliner program was developed with Adobe AIR technology and is an all-in-one tool designed to help K12 students conduct online research, visually organize information in timelines, and communicate their learning in rich multimedia presentations.
The first two issues of the magazine include articles and features on Adobe AIR and getting started with most of the API's, a tutorial on the AS3 Display List, Flash client-server communication, developing a mini-blog using Flash, object-oriented programming, Google maps in Flex, desktop applications, modular Flash applications, fundamentals of display, database interaction and using Socket class to connect to an SMTP server to send mail directly from Flash.
com, en su version beta, que consiste en una serie de herramientas que aprovechan las ventajas de las tecnologias PDF, Adobe Flash y Adobe AIR.
With Adobe AIR, skilled and novice developers have the tools to move from creating web-only services to delivering video-rich desktop applications.
Symphony Teleca provides development, certification and licensing of Adobe AIR to YouView set-top box OEMs
Recently, Adobe released the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 12, along with two other releases, that include Flash Player for Internet Explorer and the Adobe AIR 4.
India, March 5 -- Twitter announced in a blog post that it will be discontinuing support for TweetDeck apps on the iOS and Android platforms for smartphones and tablets, as well as the Adobe AIR desktop platform.
Intended for intermediate to experienced Android developers, this volume outlines the use of the Adobe AIR development platform for crating rich applications for mobile computing.
To enter, fans use the Tooncast Studio app included with the Season 8 Motion Comic DVD or download the free version from the Adobe AIR App Market.
1, delivers ease-of-use enhancements, better debugging tools, more robust test playback and continuous integration support for Adobe AIR.