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A full library of out-of-the-box assets, improved Microsoft[TM] PowerPoint integration and enhanced quizzing capabilities complete the top new features in Adobe Captivate 6.
CommLab India's upcoming free webinar, Adobe Captivate 8 - Get, Set and Go, is spread over 9 sessions that will take you through the basics of the software and its functionalities.
Introducing of Online Tutorials was focused at teaching participants how to develop an eLearning course right from scratch with Adobe Captivate.
Using Adobe Captivate, develop interactive opportunities, with feedback loops, for learners to
Adobe eLearning Suite 2 enhances productivity with smarter aggregation capabilities included in Adobe Captivate 5, eLearning extensions for Dreamweaver and Flash, and new application round tripping workflows between authoring and asset creation tools.
Is compatible with 3rd party SCORM authoring tools including Articulate or Adobe Captivate, as well as all major internet browsers and client platforms.
Utilities Jolt Winner: VMware Workstation (VMware) Productivity Winners: Adobe Captivate 3 (Adobe Systems) DemoWorks 2007 (ComponentOne) ANTS Profiler 3 (Red Gate Software) 16.
All the book's source files are provided as well as Adobe Captivate tutorials demonstrating the procedures.
0 (Atlassian) -- JUnit Factory (Agitar Software) -- LISA 4 SOA Testing & Validation (iTKO) -- Quest Code Tester for Oracle (Quest Software) -- SOAPscope Tester (Mindreef) -- SQLscaler (Idera/BBS Technologies) -- TestComplete Enterprise (AutomatedQA) Utilities -- Adobe Captivate 3 (Adobe Systems) -- Adobe RoboHelp 7 (Adobe Systems) -- ANTS Profiler V3 (Red Gate) -- DemoWorks 2007 (ComponentOne) -- Toad for Data Analysis (Quest Software) -- VMware Workstation (VMware) Web Development Tools -- 3rdRail (CodeGear) -- Adobe ColdFusion 8 (Adobe Systems) -- Appcelerator Platform (Appcelerator) -- IntelliJ IDEA (JetBrains) -- NetBeans IDE (Sun Microsystems) -- RSSBus (/n software) Web Sites/Developer Networks -- CM Crossroads (CMC Media) -- DevZone (Zend Technologies) -- .
Utilities Jolt Winner: VMware Lab Manager (VMware) Productivity Winners: Adobe Captivate 2 (Adobe) ElectricCommander (Electric Cloud) Textmate (MacroMates) 16.
Adobe Captivate 4, a new point product release and also the cornerstone of the suite, is the latest version of Adobe's eLearning software for creating professional eLearning content and courseware that combines simulations, scenario-based training, quizzing, rich media and interactivity.
Simulation Tools -- Market Share Platinum Award: Adobe Captivate -- Adobe Systems, Inc.