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For anyone who wants PostScript and scalable fonts, HP offers two Adobe Postscript Level 2 options.
Adobe PostScript 3 is the page description language standard for millions of high performance printing systems, print workflow solutions and desktop printers.
Authentic Adobe PostScript - In addition to PCL (Printer Command Language), the embedded Fiery controller includes an EFI/Adobe co-developed PostScript interpreter that processes (RIPs) the print job.
0 comprises an intuitive, easy-to-use interface and an Adobe PostScript 3 engine (Adobe CPSI).
0 is a printing and proofing solution for digital photographers and photo labs that also offers cross-platform functionality and the Adobe PostScript 3 engine.
Adobe PostScript 3 version 3016, introduced in August 2003, contains an extensible framework for OEMs to develop JDF-enabled devices.
A supplement to the agreement now authorizes Peerless to license Adobe PostScript products for manufacture in the People's Republic of China (PRC) and Taiwan.
0 is a newly developed, Mac OS X based solution that incorporates the Adobe PostScript engine (Adobe CPSI), an Aqua-based graphic user interface, file support for PDF/X files and Best Color Editor for spot colors.