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Apart from superior speed and quality, NEC has packed the SuperScript 860 with an astounding array of SOHO-minded features, including: flexible paper handling with a 200-sheet paper feeder; easy envelope and two-sided printing; special printing options such as customizable watermarks, proof sheet (n-up), booklet, and poster printing; sharing capability; and the NEC SuperScript 860 Solutions CD which includes an electronic user's guide, 78 Type 1 fonts, Adobe Type Manager,(TM) an interactive document design and font usage guide, clip art, Adobe Acrobat(R) Reader(TM), and the award-winning software suite, Internet In A Box(TM).
At only 260K, one-fifth the size of Adobe Acrobat's Reader, Common Ground's MiniViewer can be downloaded in seconds, is easily installed, and does not require Adobe Type Manager (ATM).