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Limited access to credible information by adolescents often makes them victims of child marriage, early and unwanted pregnancies, abuse, exploitation and under nutrition.
The project will provide avenues for adolescents and their communities to strengthen dialogue in decision-making processes on matters affecting their lives under the recommendations of committee.
But in many cases, adolescents who suffer from mental health disorders, substance use or poor nutrition cannot obtain critical prevention and care services - either because the services do not exist, or because they do not know about them.
Data in the report, Global accelerated action for the health of adolescents (AA-HA
Results: The overall results of the study indicated that early adolescents exhibit more depression and anxiety symptoms as compared to the late adolescents.
The GOI recognizing this problem seriously has just recently started a newer programme called as "Rashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karykram" (RKSK) under NRHM programme based on a community based approach for health of Adolescents who comprise over 21 percent of the over 121 crores population.
Because of their level of education, pregnant adolescents have limited employment skills.
With focus on addressing the issues posed to the adolescents in the province of Punjab, "the Punjab Adolescent Strategy & Strategic Plan 2013-17" has been formally launched.
Addressing to participants of the launching ceremony, Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan said the adolescents of ages between nine to nineteen years are significant part of Pakistan's population.
Adolescents who are more religious participate in less risk taking behaviors, such as drug and alcohol use, when compared with adolescents who are less religious.
In this pilot study, the authors investigated a concept that was thought to be important in understanding problems with self-management in adolescents with type 1 diabetes.
A sample comprised of 36 adolescents (males = 18, females = 18).

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