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"She has thriven as well as child can do with the weaver; and he adopted her.
Don't you remember what that lady we met at the Royston Baths told us about the child her sister adopted? That was the only adopting I ever heard of: and the child was transported when it was twenty-three.
The support of the judges will clearly be an extra expense, but to what extent will depend on the particular plan which may be adopted in regard to this matter.
I must go and clear up, so good-bye, and don't forget I've adopted you."
"When a man," continued Raoul, "adopts such romantic methods to entice a young girl's affections.
When my adopted son was about ten years old I was obliged to go on a journey.
His will, bearing date at the time when I left England, bequeathed an income for life to my mother, and left the bulk of his property to me, on the one condition that I adopted his name.
There were some who accused him of lukewarmness in his adopted religion, and others who put it down to greed of wealth and reluctance to incur expense.
Lucy Ferrier grew up within the log-house, and assisted her adopted father in all his undertakings.
adoptions--are encouraging their citizens to adopt domestically amidst a flare of nationalism that is sweeping across these countries as their economies rise.
The children come from across China, and many adoptive families return to China to adopt again.