Adoption, inheritance

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I was adopted to my grandfather when I was a baby and like in 1988 my dad committed suicide and I guess my biological mother put my brother to get that money. In my adoption papers it says that it doesn't effect inheritance from my biological parents. Even though I was adopted my father used to always go and see me and I called him dad. I've always wondered why can't I get some of that money?


If the papers allow inheritance you may be eligible unless they specifically chose otherwise.
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From now on, not only may same-sex couples marry, they have the rights of adoption, inheritance, succession, pension, retirement, and social work (a program financed by the state, employers, and workers that provides them and their families with health care).
Key issues relating to marriage, adoption, inheritance of property and maintenance after separation remain unresolved.
It was claimed that their limited rights extended not only to adoption, inheritance and tax issues, but also to pension and health entitlements.
As well as the many little deaths lesbians and other marginalized peoples experience in daily life in a society that does not honor their beauty, grace and daring, let alone basic needs such as right of adoption, inheritance, emergency-room visiting rights--need I go on?