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TABLE 1 Source of biological material, with its adscription to ecosystem, habit and habitat Species Ecosystem Habit Habitat B.
Nivel de estudios de los encuestados (%) Viaje de "motivacion Total de cultural encuestados principal No sabe leer ni escribir 1,00 0,00 Sin estudios (estudios 9,40 7,23 primarios sin terminar) Estudios primarios 38,40 31,33 Estudios secundarios 21,20 22,89 Estudios universitarios 30,00 38,55 Total 100 100 Adscription del viaje Vacaciones Turismo Turismo Sol y en el cultural rural playa pueblo No sabe leer ni escribir 0,00 0,70 1,01 0,84 Sin estudios (estudios 3,31 13,38 10,10 12,61 primarios sin terminar) Estudios primarios 35,54 33,10 33,33 38,66 Estudios secundarios 20,66 25,35 21,21 26,05 Estudios universitarios 40,50 27,46 34,34 21,85 Total 100 100 100 100 Fuente: Encuesta Residentes Comunidad de Madrid Semana Santa 2008.
If his adscription as a protoutilitarian has been strongly rebutted, suggestive research has focused on Smith's deontological approach.
Communication research on paradigms of institutionalized adscription and distribution of practices over space and time in different contexts of public and private life.
This group is composed of Maya intellectuals (the majority of whom are professionals) and indigenous organizations that prioritize an ethnic adscription and the vindication of indigenous cultural specificities.
MARINI, <<"Ipso iure" Adscription to a Catholic Church "sul iuris" of Baptized Converts>>, en S.
The very adscription of his name to an image effects a change in the interest it produces, which remains subsidiary to our interest in Rulfo the writer.
These electronic media tend instantaneous bridges that could facilitate enormously the integration of journals with common fields but differing institutional adscription, which could well be a first step towards a larger and better culture of scientific publication in our countries.
The scanty utilization of Empirically Based Therapies on the clinical practices, and the poor research that Chile presents in this matter, suggests the existence of variables that determinate the adscription of the professionals to this model.
8) The question of the generic adscription of the Soledades has been debated ever since the poem first appeared: some have considered it a bucolic piece, others an epic.
The reference population was 7370 adults over 60 years old that lived under the adscription zone of 16 Community Health Centers that care of the jurisdiction number 2 in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
The obviously wider range of topic variety would add to confusion and metadata describing the thematic adscription of segments would be indispensable in order for the machine to "trust" one potential translation or the other.