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Indeed, the state stimulated the development of adult foster care as part of its effort to divert people from nursing homes.
Although adult foster care in Oregon is a real alternative to nursing homes, it by no means replaces them.
The widespread acceptance of adult foster care homes in Oregon is underscored because more private-pay residents use them than Medicaid-supported clients do.
Because adult foster care in Oregon is a large, mature program serving people with a wide range of incomes and disability levels, it provides an opportunity to investigate issues surrounding the decision to enter a foster home compared to a nursing home.
The resulting sample for analysis consisted of 439 respondents, 260 adult foster care residents (or 64 percent of the original sample) and 179 nursing home residents (or 45 percent of the original sample), a difference that reflects the much higher levels of cognitive impairment measured among the nursing home residents.
Office of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman - seeks volunteers to visit residents in nursing facilities, residential care facilities, assisted living facilities and adult foster care homes.
"They're putting all these homes in, and most of us who've lived here for years don't know why," said Vincent, a retired adult foster care provider.
But there aren't enough beds at Oregon State Hospital's Salem or Portland campuses, nor are there sufficient community-based beds, such as adult foster care, Lipkin said.
A man showed up at an adult foster care home in Canby on Aug.

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