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An official source told reporter here on Wednesday , keeping in view the low literacy rate in the country, the NCHD adopted a two pronged approach to provide access to education such as Adult Literacy Programme for the mothers and Universal Primary Education through its Feeder Schools in the remote areas for the unprivileged children.
First-phase of three-month adult literacy programme was conducted during last August and November.
First-phase of the three-month adult literacy programme was conducted last August and November.
First-phase of three-month adult literacy program was conducted during August and November of the year 2017.
We have launched adult literacy program to over three thousand SSNLM youth who signed peace with government of Republic of South Sudan in April, 2nd 2016," said Pia.
in Wales - have voiced concern that the decisions mean a lowering of commitment to adult literacy, one of the Welsh Government's key policies.
They incorporate the research and practice of others to describe the theories, policies, and practices of adult literacy in the context of international development programs.
Public libraries, with their focus on intergenerational reading, their informal nature, their popularity across the age span and their prominent location within disadvantaged communities tick all the boxes for the development of adult literacy.
Each program was jointly delivered by an adult literacy teacher and a qualified nutritionist, with the support in some cases, of a local community member who acted as an interpreter.
The National Adult Literacy Agency report shows 55,000 adults attended classes last year - up from 17,000 in 2000.
But education minister Mike Russell noted that the Scottish Survey of Adult Literacies said adult literacy levels in Scotland were as good as those in other highly advanced nations.

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