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Islamabad -- Capital Development Authority's (CDA) Directorate of Health Services (DHS) have fined 540 shopkeepers and vendors and issued 810 notices to other different food outlets for selling sub standard, unhygienic and adulterated food in the capital during ongoing year.
The Chief Minister while issuing instructions from London today, said that concerned institutions should take vigorous action against the sale of Haram, dead and unhygienic meat as well as adulterated items and the elements involved in this evil business should be behind the bars.
Under existing law, including the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), FDA can take action to remove products from the market, but the agency must first establish that such products are adulterated (e.
A GCC health official has called for strict penalties on countries and companies found engaged in exporting or importing adulterated and counterfeit drugs in order to curb the spread of such drugs in Arab countries.
Paswan elaborates on the steps taken by the ministry to ensure a check on the sell of adulterated goods during the festive season
In PEO Solution, Peskin reiterates this same theory that the population at large is eating a diet replete with adulterated oils, particularly adulterated omega-6 fats.
Adulteration of petroleum products which is currently a very flourishing business in Nigeria, can lead to economic losses, increased emissions and deterioration of performance and parts of engines using the adulterated products.
5 ( ANI ): Taking cognizance of reports of adulterated milk being sold without hindrance in states such as Uttar Pradesh, Odisha and West Bengal, the Supreme Court Thursday called on he state governments to amend their laws to prevent production and marketing of adulterated milk.
A statement giving the details of number of drugs samples tested, number of drugs samples declared not of standard quality, number of drug samples declared spurious/ adulterated, number of prosecutions launched for manufacturing, sale and distribution of spurious/ adulterated drugs, number of cases decided, number of persons arrested during 2011-12 and 2012-13 and detection of racket of sale of expired drugs as per the feedback available from the States is annexed.
New Delhi-based Ranbaxy has insisted its drugs are safe after it agreed last month in US court to pay a $500 million settlement over the adulterated medicines it made at two Indian plants in Japan.
Attorney General Dustin McDaniel announced Tuesday that Arkansas, other states and the federal government have reached a settlement with generic medications manufacturer Ranbaxy of India over allegations that the company introduced adulterated drugs into the U.
Verified accounts have had something to fear the past few weeks as multiple media outlets have had their feeds adulterated, with E Online the latest victim of an unknown assailant.