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ADULTERINE. A term used in the civil law to denote the issue of an adulterous intercourse. See Nicholas on Adulterine Bastardy.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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But crucially, and adding to the generally macabre description of the wife in labour--a veritable primal scene of adulterine birth--the baby has died in the womb and is extracted only with great difficulty and in pieces.
By shamelessly defaming Dinah in such episodes as the crumpled organdie dress and the faire-part that flaunts his paternity, Lousteau fosters the scandal that allows adulterine reproduction to lay claim to the status of a social aberration.
(1.) Patricia Mainardi discusses the way visual material reflected the new status of adulterine children by including babies in prints depicting husbands, wives, and lovers (114-17).
First, in an episode with the none-too-subtle title 'The Finger of God', the elder adulterine son, his mother's favourite child, is drowned after a malicious push from his legitimate but slighted sister.
Another, more interesting, implication has been noted by Loralee MacPike in a general remark on the adulteress's child: 'Good women bear sons, bad women daughters who cannot carry on the male line, thus ensuring that negative qualities in the parents (particularly the mother) will not be part of the moral "genealogical continuity".' (11) Referring to A Women of Thirty, MacPike also points out that the drowning of the adulterine son negates 'any possibility of paternal succession through illegitimacy'.
Here, the problem of the wife's preference for adulterine children does not arise, because she has no children with her husband.