ADULTERIUM. In the old records this word does not signify the offence of adultery, but the fine imposed for its commission. Barr. on the Stat. 62, note.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Interim eo abeunte uxor ejus est adulterata; redit maritus, adulteratam invenit; unde secundum legem maritus earn occidere deberet; vocavit filium suum et ait: Carissime, mater tua adulterium commisit, unde secundum legem per me mori deberet; sed brachium amisi, ideo non potero earn occidere; precipio ergo tibi, ut eam occidas.
(149) The other mistake is that, in summarizing canon seven, they render "propter adulterium" as "by the adultery" rather than accurately as "on the ground of adultery," thus making the canon ambiguous, so that it could be read as anathematizing only those who think marriage is dissolved by the very act of adultery.
Enumerating all of Augustus's major disappointments that illustrate the "human lot" (magna sortis humanae reperiantur volumina) at HN 7.147-9, the elder Pliny mentions the exposure of Julia's plans for parricide immediately after her adultery, implying that she and Iullus were also plotting to kill her father: adulterium filiae et consilia parricidae palam facta (his daughter's adultery and public exposure of her plans to kill her father).
3: "[N]ullus facit aliquod malum nisi intendens aliquod bonum ut sibi uidetur, sicut adultero bonum uidetur quod delectatione sensibili fruatur, et propter hoc adulterium committit."
Disputant Stoici multa re turpia praua hominum consuetudine verbis honesta esse, ut parricidium adulterium homicidium incestum et caetera his similia, rursumque re honesta nominibus uideri turpia, ut liberos procreare, inflationem uentris crepitu digerere, aluum releuare stercore, uesicam urinae effusione laxare.