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a New York publishing firm in, say, 1855 invest in advance sheets of a
Reputable publishers would respect any peer's claim--typically made via advertisement in a trade journal --to have purchased the advance sheets of a new book from its overseas publisher or to have reached a "first publication" agreement with the author.
Watch your advance sheets for further tales of the tipsy coachman.
Apparently Virginia, whose father is a local attorney, has developed the habit of reading the advance sheets as they come into his office.
Bobrowski's decision not to publish with Fischer out of loyalty to Wagenbach, who had left Fischer on account of 'Kompetenzuberschreitungen', partly explains Fischer's enthusiasm and business acumen on reading the advance sheets of Levins Muhle, a work he would not have wished to see published by a rival.
LexisNexis' (Dayton, OH) Electronic Advance Sheets Service is designed to help practitioners stay current with developments in their state and practice area.
One day Charlie came in and observed my desk piled high with advance sheets.
The newly announced e-mail service, which delivers summaries of breaking court decisions to subscribers, is called LexisNexis Electronic Advance Sheets.
For the first year or two, the English serials that furnished the body of the magazine were pirated; thereafter, advance sheets were purchased from the London publishers.
The service, "LexisuNexis Electronic Advance Sheets," allows subscribers to select from one to 10 courts and from one to 10 legal topics.
West filed suit in September 1993, alleging that On Point had included West's copyrighted headnotes on certain older case reports contained on the April 1993 version of the On Point disc, and that a portion of the On Point disc had been created wrongfully by computer-scanning copyrighted volumes of West's Florida Cases advance sheets.