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To pay money or give something of value before the date designated to do so; to provide capital to help a planned enterprise, expecting a return from it; to give someone an item before payment has been made for it.

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n. a type of loan in which payment is made before it is legally due, such as before shipment is made, a sale is completed or a note is due to be paid.

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1 to lend money to someone; a loan of money.
2 to make a payment before it is lawfully due; in the law of trusts, trustees may advance capital under an express power or under legislation to a beneficiary who has a vested or contingent interest in the capital of the trust. Advancements under the legislation may be up to half the beneficiary's expectant share and are subject to the consent of the holder of any prior interest.
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The Vauxhall Grandland X 1.5CDTI SE is now available with no advance payment
As is the case of advance payments, the delay in delivery of vehicles is linked to the benefits forgone by the consumers.
1.451-5, under which A included advance payments in income in the tax year in which they are recognized for book purposes.
Under the Motability scheme the V40 R Design is available with an advance payment of PS1,599 for a manual model rising to PS1,799 for an automatic.
The ACO investment plan must explain how it intends to use the advance payment funds awarded from the CMS.
* A description of the types of staffing and infrastructure that the ACO will acquire and/or expand using the funding available through the advance payment model.
Under the ECC decision, additional 7% advance payment was allowed to all the remaining potential sponsors with understanding that their rental power plants should be commissioned during the financial year 2009-10.
Nil Advance Payment available on new Hyundai i30 1.6 Comfort five-door.
It should be noted, however, that sometimes extrinsic factors make it licit to buy cheaper by reason of advance payment; for example, if the buyer suffers damage, foregoes profits, runs the risk of dealing with a fraudulent seller who will not respect the deadline, delivers filthy goods, or is not going to bring them altogether.
Agreeing with the joint suggestions of ISBA and the Chicago Bar Association, the Illinois Supreme Court has, for the first time, explicitly approved lawyers' use of the advance payment retainer.
The MINI One with air conditioning comes with an advance payment of pounds 888.
Also from Sallie Mae, two new products have been added to the Net.Pay e-payment system: Net.Shop and Advance Payment System.

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