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Figure 2: Awareness Survey Advanced Persistent Threats. APT believes are similar or different from conventional threats?
The main drivers of the advanced persistent threat protection market are rise in number of sophisticated attacks and strict government regualtions for cybersecurity which is pushing enterprises to adopt advanced persistent threat solutions to protect their network againt such targeted and zero-day threats.
To improve organizational measures for protect against the modern Advanced Persistent Threats is necessary to employ also advanced security practices and policies such as those described below.
At the same time, advanced persistent threats are causing increased damage.
and over 15% of advanced persistent threats in EMEA were targeted against
The reality, they say, is that these so-called "advanced persistent threats" are so rampant and unrelenting they are forcing IT to rethink network security.
The report provides an overview of the current threat landscape, evolving advanced persistent threat tactics, and the countries where advanced attacks are most prevalent today.
The combination of tools and techniques the attackers use to create an Advanced Persistent Threat are the same commonly associated with everyday cyber-attacks, such as:
"NarusInsight CyberProtection is an example of a new generation of adaptive technology used to defend against the fast-changing nature of cyber attacks, such as exfiltration of data and bot activity in an advanced persistent threat environment," said Neil Harrington, director, product management, Narus.
5 -- Kaspersky Lab researchers has alerted about a new attack vector of NetTraveler (also known as 'Travnet' or "Netfile"), an advanced persistent threat that has already infected hundreds of high profile victims in more than 40 countries.
Tenders are invited for Request for Proposal for Selection of Service Provider for Advanced Persistent Threat solution for E-Mail services on cloud
With XPS in its Network Security Infrastructure, banks will be now able to cover Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) in detecting the untraceable malwares and malicious traffic and to prevent such threats jeopardizing ADIB's infrastructure.

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