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The NP by contrast, offers advanced practice nursing as a cost effective alternative to physician care, especially in underserved populations.
Critical care nurse practitioners: Evolution of the advanced practice nursing role.
This important article provides a comprehensive framework for advanced practice nursing that describes four main concepts of the role: environment, role legitimacy, nature of advanced practice, and outcomes attributable to the role.
The Board held a Rulemaking Hearing to discuss Chapter XIII-Rules and Regulations regarding the Delegation of Nursing Tasks, Chapter XIV-Rules and Regulations to Register Professional Nurses Qualified to Engage in Advanced practice Nursing, and Chapter XXI-Rules and Regulations Regarding Liability Insurance for Advanced Practice Nurses Engaged in Independent Practice.
Advanced Practice Nursing Roles -- March 2001 (RN population in the U.
To find out more about Advanced Practice Nursing go to WNA's website www.
At its October 2007 meeting, the Board charged the Advanced Practice Nursing Advisory Committee (APNAC) with reviewing Rule 221 and discussing issues related to recognition of advanced practice nurses in preparation for implementation of the APRN Compact.
If one APN is treated in violation of the law, then all APNs are at risk and so is the future of advanced practice nursing.
In the Advanced Practice Nursing category, Clinical Manual for the Oncology Advanced Practice Nurse (2nd ed.
Advanced practice nursing has become an integral part of overall patient care, with nurses providing a variety of functions once reserved for physicians.

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