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He recognised the outcomes of the resolution implementation in the past 15 years and asked the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) to work closely with relevant agencies to seek creative and effective solutions to grasp opportunities, promote strengths and limit negative impacts of the market economy on building and developing Viet Nam's advanced culture imbued with national identity.
Second, in the early 1700s the Upper Burmese historian U Kala, perhaps embellishing, perhaps weaving together earlier materials no longer extant, described in detail how Aniruddha conquered Thaton, whence he obtained copies of the Tripitaka, together with learned monks and other elements of advanced culture. Because U Kala's chronicle, the Maha-yazawin-gyi, provided the basis for all subsequent Burmese histories, his account became standard fare.
Vietnam, an ancient and highly advanced culture in Southeast Asia, is at the beginning of this particular path, importing consultants from the United States to help set up family medicine training programs and to imbed behavioral medicine within those programs.
A more western style of housing meant a more advanced culture. In Chapter Six, Mark examines the development of a Casamance architecture in the second half of the 19th century, another example of the interaction among African, European, and Euro-African styles.
But Dr Robert Johnston of Bangor University says that in North Wales the pattern of dwellings was determined by the size of extended families and a more advanced culture.
The awkwardly titled theory, announced by Jiang in July 2001, says the Communist Party must represent ''advanced productivity,'' ''advanced culture'' and ''the fundamental interests of the majority.''
One's a highly intelligent being, from an advanced culture with a strong family and moral code.
According to the theory, the party should represent the needs of ''advanced forces of production'' such as private and high-tech firms, advanced culture, and the ''fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people.''
Tadashi Nishitani, East Asia archeology professor at the graduate school of Kyushu University, examined the objects and speculated that those in power in the Izumo region of western Japan at that time imported articles from areas of advanced culture to give themselves authority.
The company has expertise in advanced culture, purification and process validation technologies.
Any primitive or advanced culture from the past may be used as the theme.
All of this plays into ideas advanced by atheists and secular groups: that religion is something for primitive or aboriginal people, but unsuited or unnecessary in an advanced culture.

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