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He recognised the outcomes of the resolution implementation in the past 15 years and asked the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) to work closely with relevant agencies to seek creative and effective solutions to grasp opportunities, promote strengths and limit negative impacts of the market economy on building and developing Viet Nam's advanced culture imbued with national identity.
Second, in the early 1700s the Upper Burmese historian U Kala, perhaps embellishing, perhaps weaving together earlier materials no longer extant, described in detail how Aniruddha conquered Thaton, whence he obtained copies of the Tripitaka, together with learned monks and other elements of advanced culture.
Any primitive or advanced culture from the past may be used as the theme.
Even if I am totally annihilated at death, and my consciousness becomes as nonexistent, after I die, as if I had never existed at all, my life on earth, my time here will be a much richer experience, due to the technologically advanced culture in which I will have lived, than if my existence consisted of nothing more than hopping from tree to tree and eating berries.
Its scientists have expertise in advanced culture and purification technologies and are skilled at developing recombinant vaccines.
But if ours were actually the best and most advanced culture, as Allan Bloom (The Closing of the American Mind, 1987) and others have argued, perhaps this bias would be less problematic.
In Camden's account of English origins, as in the Irish tracts, northern barbarians belong to a narrative model that configures history as the gradual acquisition of civility - a civility, moreover, apparently dependent upon the forcible imposition of a more advanced culture.
Historians tell us that Islamic civilization was the richest and most advanced culture in the world during the early Middle Ages, particularly in the mid-eighth through the mid-eleventh centuries, and perhaps reached its peak during the ninth century.
What cyberspace and the burgeoning culture of the Net reveal is how far away our notions of contact have drifted from anything resembling physical contact, and in the process, how dis-embodied we have become as a technologically advanced culture.
The first contingent of 15 prawn farmers from the northwestern coast region set out in October for a two-week course in advanced culture technology.
An advanced culture when first observed by Europeans, the Pueblos used irrigation, hunted for meat, and wove cotton for clothing.
The advanced culture test results with the NanoLogix BNP technology are at least 500% faster than the 21-day standard for live TB culture detection.

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