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ADVENTITIOUS, adventitius. From advenio; what comes incidentally; us adventitia bona, goods that, fall to a man otherwise than by inheritance; or adventitia dos, a dowry or portion given by some other friend beside the parent.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Treatment effect on average number of nodes produced from regenerated adventitious shoots of Brondal
TDZ has been reported to play an important role in exogenously overcoming apical dominance, promoting lateral bud break and adventitious shoot induction in plant tissue culture [21].
In vitro adventitious shoot formation on cotyledons of Pinus pinea.
Efficient Adventitious Shoot Regeneration of Medicinal Aquatic Plant Water Hyssop (Bacopa monnieri L.
After 1-2 months culture, the adventitious shoot growth of red pitaya was suitable for rooting induction.
According to Gahan and George (2008), the high competence of the morphogenetic system in vitro culminates in the multiple productions of adventitious shoots under adequate growth conditions.
Our results indicated that determining factor for regeneration of adventitious shoots of genotypes of Rh.
Recent advances in tissue culture explored the combined effects of silicon and sodium chloride to promote adventitious shoot regeneration in Ajuga multiflora [10].
There are a few reports on micropropagation of this species through adventitious shoot multiplication method (Madhuri et al., 2011; Nayak et al., 2010; Verma and Kant, 1999).
In vitro adventitious shoot development in absence or low concentrations of BAP has been reported for Rangpur lime (ALMEIDA et al., 2002; COSTA et al., 2004), and for sour orange (TAVANO et al., 2009) when epicotyl segments-derived explants were used as explant.