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Magnificently captured in HD, some of the locations featured in Bobby G: Adventure Capitalist include Nassau, Bahamas; Boca Raton; New York; Los Angeles; Aspen; Vancouver, British Columbia; Lake Rosseau ("The Hamptons" of Canada); and Nicaragua.
Hyper Hippo Games, the developer behind the hit PC and mobile game AdVenture Capitalist, with nearly 1 million daily active players, will be one of the first developers to take advantage of PlayFab's new Free Tier.
Starring self-styled adventure capitalist Conor Woodman, it was like a one-man, global Apprentice challenge.
Jim Rogers also is the author of Investment Biker, Adventure Capitalist, Hot Commodities, A Bull In China, A Gift to My Children and Street Smarts C Adventures on the Road and in the Markets.
Current Affairs Theo's Adventure Capitalists (BBC Two, 8pm) WE'RE still smack bang in the middle of a global recession, so more and more British businesses are looking to the world's emerging markets to preserve their profit levels.