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In the present study, we used a single racing advergame with collectivist traits, which should be more persuasive for gamers with interdependent self-construal, to examine changes in gamers' perception of brand personality.
Except in the case of advergames and virtual world advertising--which could confuse younger users--there is little formal and conceptual update in the publicity use of the revised games.
Outro tipo de publicidade presente nos JE's e aquela inserida nos mundos virtuais, considerada um tipo de advergame e denominada por Mendiz (2010) de virtual world advertising.
Tipo de producto o servicio que se asocia mas con el advergame
Para Kretchmer (2004: 41, 50) el advergame se localiza dentro del advertainment en su manifestacion como entretenimiento que actua como un anuncio publicitario (Kretchmer, 2004: 47-48).
It takes constant vigilance to protect our kids from subtle advertising, including advergames.
The study was conducted to investigate how the self-regulating companies have addressed advergames, and to compare the participants' advergame offerings to those of nonparticipants.
2007): <<The effects of playing an advergame on young children's perceptions, preferences, and requests>>, Journal of Advertising, Vol.
There are also concerns over consumer reaction and an incorrect representation of brands, as well as negative perceptions elicited by poorly created advergames.
This Part argues that it is possible to develop regulations of advergames that pass constitutional muster, provided that the government has a sufficiently strong interest in regulating the products promoted by a particular type of advergame.
Consider an advergame for M&M's chocolate candies, Amazing Crispy, accessible on the M&M's Web site.
Some products are usually more appropriate for the advergame format.