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20746 BGN without VAT Eligibility Criteria : The estimated value of the contract is BGN 20 746 (twenty thousand seven hundred forty six levs) excluding VAT, in separate positions as follows: Lot 1 - Preparation and distribution of information, advertising materials, signboards, publications in printed and electronic media, broadcasting in radio and television media - BGN 17 414 excluding VAT; Lot 2 - "Preparation, prepress, printing and distribution of newsletter" - BGN 3 332 excluding VAT.
Amid all this electioneering, the business of printing presses has boomed with visible crowd of clients from various parties at the shops and offices booking or receiving their orders of multiple forms of the advertising materials.
Licensor's Right to Review Promotional Materials: Licensor shall have the right at any time to request from Licensee copies of promotional and advertising materials and review said materials to verify that they comply with the Quality Standards; Licensee shall provide all requested materials to Licensor's representative within 3 business days of such request.
For all information regarding the placement of informational and advertising materials in Printing Supplies Catalog #32, 2014 please contact Information Agency “Business-Inform.”
*9- The candidate will sign an undertaking to remove at his own cost the posters and the advertising materials one day before the voting.
"There is no law that regulates the distribution of advertising materials in streets, cars or postboxes," Theopemptou said.
Since 1999, FDA has received a steadily increasing number of advertising materials directed to consumers.
Hanson welcomes Anne Remley as its new marketing coordinator, a position that entails overseeing the design and development of all marketing, public relations and advertising materials for the full-service real estate brokerage and property management firm.
The owner of a hair salon, for example, may use a contractor to create marketing brochures and advertising materials for her business, while a financial planner may hire one to handle 10 hours of filing a week.
* Many departments of insurance levy fines against agents for using advertising materials with misleading information.

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