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The advertisment said: "Every month more than one in five women is let down by their sanitary towels.
The piece is thereby a poor advertisment for religious dogma but a good advertisment for Bokar's embrace of tolerance and his willingness to entertain different points of view.
I WAS amazed, devastated and disgusted by the Betfair advertisment on the front page of the greyhound section on Saturday.
And the latest Nescafe advertisment featuring the Cortina was filmed in Port Talbot.
Peter Schmeichel has blasted a Euro 96 sponsor over an advertisment which uses his picture without permission.
Chris Harris,LiverpoolAFTER watching an advertisment,paid for by the government, urging me to save energy by turning off my meagre 60-watt light bulb when not in the room,how can Liverpool and Sefton councils justify spending nearly two million pounds between them to `light up' buildings and tourist areas 24 hours a day as reported by the ECHO?
The animals in the Ark, each pair mounted on a puppeteer's shoulders, are a great advertisment for Macnas's model-making skills.
Occhi Gialli is proving a good advertisment for the training skills of Harry Findlay-yes, apparently there are some-and can complete a four-timer by scoring at Belle Vue, while the two 620m events are the races to concentrate on at Milton Keynes with Countrywide Vin and Mountview Nikita the suggestions.
Add plodding direction and the kind of acting that makes you want to shout at the performers to get on with it, and it makes for a poor advertisment for professional theatre at the various educational venues it is touring.
Detailed Advertisment on Bank s Web-Site 14-09-2015
Tenders are invited for selection of agency for grant of SOLE advertisment rights on NEKRTC buses
This is your first port of call for an advertisment.