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ADVERTISEMENT. A 'notice' published either in handbills or in a newspaper.
     2. The law in many instances requires parties to advertise in order to give notice of acts which are to be done; in these cases, the advertisement is in general equivalent to notice.
     3. When an advertisement contains the terms of sale, or description of the property to be sold, it will bind the seller; and if there be a material misrepresentation, it may avoid the contract, or at least entitle the purchaser to a compensation and reduction from the agreed, price. Kapp's R. 344; 1 Chit. Pr. 295.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Raza Beig Splash CEO Behind the Scene with Jacqueline Fernandez for a Splash advertisment campaign at the Palazzo Versace Hotel, Dubai.
And a crass advertisment by a firm of no-win-no-fee lawyers aimed at those "unhappy with their partners" should raise concern.
ITV has broadcast an advert for Bakers dog food which at first glance appears like a regular advertisment, with various dogs taking part in a The Italian Job type heist.
BILL GLEESON LDP BUSINESS EDITOR Bill Gleeson 0151 472 2319 DEPUTY BUSINESS EDITOR Tony McDonough 0151 330 4918 tony.mcdonough BUSINESS WRITERS Alistair Houghton alistair.houghton Peter Elson peter.elson Neil Hodgson neil.hodgson HEAD OF IMAGES Barrie Mills MARKETING EXECUTIVE Cath Reeves 0151 285 8428 ADVERTISEMENT DIRECTOR Debbie McGraw ADVERTISMENT MANAGER Jackie McMahon 0151 330 5077 ADVERTISMENT SALES Neil Johnson 0151 472 2705 Trudie Arlett 0151 472 2476 Julie Cowley 0151 472 2311 PHOTOGRAPHY Trinity Mirror PUBLISHED BY Trinity Mirror NW2, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L69 3EB.
<![CDATA[ Israel continues to pay for the higher education of Arab terrorist prisoners, an advertisment in Ramallah shows.]]>
This could be operated in the same way as a moving advertisment, and as folk redeem themselves so their names could be removed from the list and other offenders added, This might stop litter louts from destroying the heart of our city at least, as those who do this wouldn't want their friends to know about it.
However, I don't think there was anything wrong or harmful in the fried chicken commercial advertisment, as the mother does not put the fried chicken, only her greasy finger in the baby's mouth, we are all educated sensible people living in the UAE and have common sense and can clearlyAa distinguish between right and wrong in real life .
The group said property remained the only print category of advertising to grow year-onyear, but it said the rate of decline in employment advertisment revenues had slowed, with some regions showing growth.
I WAS amazed, devastated and disgusted by the Betfair advertisment on the front page of the greyhound section on Saturday.
Victims of the scam click on a seemingly innocuous pop-up advertisment banners while using the internet, only to find later that their telephone bills have rocketed.