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Facilitate networking, collaborative programming and fundraising among GU cancer survivor advocacy groups.
In an industry where too many rely on checking boxes, the Advocacy Group provides clients with highly tailored, strategically crafted solutions to forge a path to victory, said Gibson.
She also calls on the federal government to provide alternative sources of funding so that health advocacy groups do not have to rely on funding from the pharmaceutical industry.
As long as professionally managed advocacy groups and public-interest litigation firms believe they can at least prevent further erosion in their policies and their political power, one can certainly understand why they might be reluctant to take great risks, even if there is the potential for great reward.
For their part, tenant advocacy groups are seeking minimal, if not zero, increases in rent.
The Park Service must begin implementing changes by 2005, according to the mandate, but advocacy groups, including the Americans for National Parks campaign, say there is no money in park budgets to satisfy the mandate and other initiatives, such as NPS's high-priority Learning Centers, would have to be cut to pay for the project.
Goswami and members of other advocacy groups, such as the Bucktown Community Organization, want policies to focus on pimps and men who solicit prostitutes.
Organizers plan to schedule local district visits in August (see Advocacy Groups, below).
Women's advocacy groups asserted that law enforcement did not approach these cases in a sensitive manner and, too often, dismissed a woman's claim of rape based on cultural misconceptions, bias, or lack of understanding.
This has, however, resulted in a backlash as consumers and public advocacy groups attempt to force legal restrictions on use.
The NAEPP comprises 40 national health organizations representing government agencies, academic researchers, clinicians, and patient advocacy groups.
New Ideas is launching five advocacy groups across Warwickshire and intends to hold annual county forums.

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