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When Trump asked him what he was doing, DavidAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA said, "I heard if I ye that they'd give me $5,000 dollars." The joke appeared to be a scripted part of the show's opening, and the advocacy group said the money would go to David regardless of whether it was spontaneous or not.
After the Massachusetts Advocates for the Arts, Sciences and Humanities, an advocacy group with a less focused constituency but similar mission, ran aground a few years ago, the MCC and The Boston Foundation called on cultural leaders to form a restructured version, Siebels said.
"What has happened is that even the ordinary OFWs, whether they have an organisation or not, are becoming more aware of the need to speak for their rights," Yuri Cipriano, chairperson of Sulong OFW (Go Forward OFW), a migrant advocacy group, told Gulf News.
If you add up the budgets of the seven conservative religious advocacy groups in the top 10, the figure tops $95 million.
A campaign wants students to sign up their university to a scheme which aims to establish the advocacy groups at 25 universities by the end of 2011.
Facilitate direct communication, knowledge exchange and collaboration between GU cancer survivor advocacy groups and the HCPs.
Down syndrome advocacy groups in selected communities told GAO that families of children with Down syndrome in those communities were more likely to receive the resources recommended for the time of diagnosis than those recommended for early childhood and may face barriers to using available resources.
The Advocacy Groups success stems from our hands-on, campaign-style approach, said President Mike Gibson.
Advocacy groups around the country are secretly and openly moving homeless people into vacant homes.
There's a thin line between paid and "natural" search engine results, political advocacy groups writing Wikipedia entries, or bloggers who are constant targets for advertisers that want to blend their message with the content.
Topics covered include the evolution of children's television and why it has changed, the economic side, production and distribution elements, programming on PBS and cable, product sales, new technology, regulation, the effects of advocacy groups, and TV and the problem of obesity.
* Here are Web sites for cosmetics-safety advocacy groups: The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics: The Environmental Working Group:

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