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"If the Advocate-General attaches importance to the deposition of Monsieur Joseph Rouletabille, I see no reason why this witness should not give us the name of the murderer."
Crushed and impoverished by taxation -- imposed by Mazarin, whose avarice impelled him to grind them down to the very dust -- the people, as the Advocate-General Talon described it, had nothing left to them except their souls; and as those could not be sold by auction, they began to murmur.
First: Puisne Judges and a First Advocate-General at the Court of Cassation:
On 5 September 2018, the representatives of the governments of the member states appointed Mr Gerard Hogan (Ireland) as advocate-general to the Court of Justice of the European Union.
Following CJP's remarks: Sindh advocate-general resigns from his post
The EU Court of Justice's advocate-general proposed, on 15 January, that an appeal from the SNCM (Societe Nationale Corse-Mediterranee, Corsica's national ferry service) aagainst a September 2012 judgement by the EU General Court should be rejected.
New Delhi, June 4 ( ANI ): Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) leader Brinda Karat on Tuesday condemned West Bengal Advocate-General Bimal Chatterjee's 'insulting' remarks in the Calcutta High Court that the State Election Commission's demands were like those of a beautiful lady for, and demanded a public apology from him.
The BJP government in Karnataka suffered another setback on Wednesday, with Advocate-General B.V.
Advocate-General Eleanor Sharpston, of the EU Court of Justice, maintains that it does.
Although judgment has not yet been delivered, the Marks & Spencer (M&S) case has been heard by the ECJ and the Advocate-General has issued an opinion.
Juliane Kokott, a European Union Court of Justice Advocate-General, has sided with Electricite de France (EdF) in its dispute with the Italian government over the Edison dossier, recommending Italy's condemnation by the full Court.
The degree of sensitivity was illustrated by the conclusions of the advocate-general of the EU Court of Justice, handed down on 11 April, in a case that also included the freedom to provide services between Turkey and the EU.

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