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Effects of habitat type and drying on Ascogregarina barretti (Eugregarinida: Lecudinidae) infection in Aedes triseriatus (Diptera: Culicidae).
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Effect of body size on the vector competence of field and laboratory populations of Aedes triseriatus for La Crosse virus.
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The sex locus is associated with loci on elements A and B in the three Stegomyia species and Aedes triseriatus, with elements D and F in Aedes atropalpus and with elements C and E in Aedes togoi.
That mosquito, Aedes hendersoni, is a close relative of Aedes triseriatus, which spreads La Crosse fever throughout the central northern United States.
Prevalence rates of LaCrosse virus (California encephalitis group) in larvae from overwintered eggs of Aedes triseriatus.