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Eisenhower comes across as a clear advocate of new aerial reconnaissance technology, and the author gives ample credit to Arthur Lundahl and Richard Bissell, the masterminds of high-altitude intelligence exploitation.
BLUE MOON OVER CUBA: AERIAL RECONNAISSANCE DURING THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS offers a different perspective on the subject, recounting the story of the men who risked their lives to provide Kennedy with the evidence that he needed to make his decision to stand firm.
All the new fires have been confirmed by aerial reconnaissance and firefighting teams have been sent in, the agency said.
Interim Chief Fire Officer, Chris Kerr added: "It will give us the capability of aerial reconnaissance during major incidents such as flooding and wildland fires thereby enhancing the safety and well being of our community and our firefighters.
He traces the development of aerial reconnaissance after the declaration of war, the work caused by the fear of a Nazi invasion and the combat with Bomber Command over a limited number of aeroplanes.
Much less well known is the development of aerial reconnaissance in the Middle East in the same period.
The documentary explores the brave new world of dogfights, aerial reconnaissance and bombing missions, as British pioneers such as Geoffrey de Havilland competed to outdo Anton Fokker, the Dutchman whose planes helped Germany dominate the skies.
The aircraft's given name is the Advanced High Performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft (Ahrlac), described more precisely by Ichikowitz as a "low-cost aerial reconnaissance, surveillance and armed patrol system with specific support capability for a wide range of security and peacetime operations".
Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt said four additional RAF Tornados equipped for aerial reconnaissance were being dispatched.
photo Also on show are a Luftwaffe aerial reconnaissance photo and briefing sheet - both dated September 1939, at the start of the war - for a raid on Liverpool's north docks.
The leader of Lebanon's Hizbullah militia presented aerial reconnaissance footage this week that he said implicated Israel in the assassination of Hariri and 22 other people.

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