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An aeroplane and drone cameras will be used for aerial surveillance.
The exercises, he added, will be more on maritime security aerial surveillance and reconnaissance although some sea vessels will be also taking part in the exercises.
Troops have been also put on alert to counter any untoward incident while aerial surveillance will be ensured for processions, the official sources said here on Sunday.
As part of a campaign to enhance road safety, the Abu Dhabi Police is utilising a number of methods including setting up mobile radars (snipers) and aerial surveillance on the capital's roads.
The leaders also discussed how Canada will continue to contribute to the air campaign by conducting refueling and aerial surveillance operations," Cook said.
Department of Homeland Security on Monday to explain why the agency plans to reduce its aerial surveillance on the Texas-Mexico border.
The statement noted that "since the first of August the coalition carried out more than 130 air strikes in addition to more than / 2500 / hours of over flights for reconnaissance and aerial surveillance in support of operations in and around Baiji.
thinks the federal government should obtain a court warrant when it conducts aerial surveillance on domestic soil.
Six years on and under high security involving 3,000 police and blanket aerial surveillance, the same city will host African minnows Zimbabwe from Tuesday for a short series that Pakistan hopes will help end its sporting isolation.
is helping Saudi Arabia defend its border with Yemen by providing intelligence from aerial surveillance while Saudi warplanes bomb rebels who have thrown Yemen into chaos, a senior U.
The Treaty on Open Skies is designed to enhance mutual understanding by allowing unarmed aerial surveillance flights over the territories of its 34 current member states.
Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center in Massachusetts, is a small aerial surveillance device that will provide real-time surveillance of threats in environment.