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In the fleeting instant of his vision his imagination had been so wrought upon by the apparent grace and ease and intention of the marvelous performance that it did not occur to him that the line of march of aerial cavalry is directly downward, and that he could find the objects of his search at the very foot of the cliff.
They realised that the chief danger in aerial warfare from an excitable and intelligent public would be a clamour for local airships and aeroplanes to defend local interests.
She was the first of the great cities of the Scientific Age to suffer by the enormous powers and grotesque limitations of aerial warfare.
I was quite patient; the grand open country all round me offered lessons of inestimable value in what we call aerial perspective.
Former Cirque Du Soleil performers Gregg and Carmen Curtis opened The Aerial Studio in Ventura to share their passion for aerials with the community.
Contract notice: service, maintenance and occasional installation of digital tv aerials systems citywide 2013-2015.
Euro Aerials Limited has taken on extra drivers and engineers to cope with the increased workload.
We test easy-to-install indoor aerials powerful enough to get digital TV Commtel Digital Indoor Aerial, pounds 13.
MOST rooftop aerials will be fine after switchover but a small proportion of aerials are likely to need replacing.
The ideal situation is that you have both Wenvoe and Mendip aerials - probably with a switch to select the aerials.
Keith Hennessy, former Contraband founding member and director of the San Francisco-based company Circo Zero, learned aerials in the late '90s from circus artists while on tour with the French circus company he co-founded.
One-quarter of the Church of England's 16,000 parishes have shown interest in hosting masts or aerials on church spires, in spite of reported safety fears over radiation risks.