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1980) Distributions of vibrissae afferent fiber collaterals in the trigeminal nuclei as revealed by intra-axonal injection of horseradish peroxidise.
Percutaneous denervation of the efferent sympathetic and sensory afferent fibers of the renal nerves is a promising and safe therapeutic option but prospective randomized controlled trials are necessary to confirm that renal denervation will become vital in the treatment of resistant hypertension.
Functional analysis of group III afferent fibers of mammalian muscles.
More specifically, the sympathetic nervous system could potentially serve as a bridge between injured afferent fibers and sympathetic nerve fibers, (22) allowing abnormal afferent impulse to travel to efferent fibers and ultimately leading to continuous pain with involuntary movements.
Fifteen-minute cooling at 6 [+ or -] 1[degrees]C may have no effect on the function of proprioception but using lower temperatures or longer periods may indicate the other findings because of further affecting conduction velocity of afferent fibers running from receptors to CNS, and further activation of pain receptors.
buds, afferent fibers carrying the information to the first CNS relay,
The vagus is a mixed nerve, containing both efferent fibers (carrying nerve impulse to motor areas) and afferent fibers (carrying nerve impulse back to the sensory areas--hence the term "affect").
The electrical stimulus activates the large sensory Ia afferent fibers that travel to the spinal cord and synapse directly onto alpha-motoneurons.