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Except rarely as part of a polyanagram none is in The New Anagrammasia, Ross Eckler's valuable big 1992 compilation of all then known affinitive anagrams, nor in Stuart Kidd's list of "synonagrams" (03-290).
Will Beijing continue to stick to the long-standing principle of "remaining affinitive despite differences" (he er butong)?
Affinitive interaction (AI): Direct body-touching activities without obvious conflict occurred among individuals, including mutual grooming, nursing and licking.
Thus, these poets "increasingly subordinated figurative meanings to observation, questioned or discarded oppressive hierarchical assumptions, and expressed specific and affinitive perception of actual animals, plants, elements, and processes" (5).
In the nation-state, the affinitive power of identity and group allegiance has been channeled into country development, encouraging stability, growth, and good governance.