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AFFIRMATIVE. Averring a fact to be true; that which is opposed to negative. (q.v.)
     2. It is a general rule of evidence that the affirmative of the issue must be proved. Bull. N. P. 298 ; Peake, Ev. 2.
     3. But when the law requires a person to do an act, and the neglect of it, will render him guilty and punishable, the negative must be proved, because every man is presumed to do his duty and in that case they who affirm he did not, must prove it. B. N. P. 298; 1 Roll. R. 83; Comb. 57; 3 B.& P. 307; 1 Mass. R. 56.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Defendants are not obliged at this stage to prove the plausibility of their affirmative defenses.
'The way affirmative action policies are done today is in such a way, it is linked to political subservience, which was not the real intention.
However, many outside of conservative Twitter took umbrage with the news and pointed to legacy students, or individuals given preference because their relatives have attended a college, as its own form of affirmative action.
While all racial and gender groups' support for affirmative action is higher for programs aimed at women than those aimed at minorities, differences in support for the two programs vary by subgroup.
Today the need for Catholic institutions to continue voicing their support for race-based affirmative action has never been more pressing.
Cashin contends that race-conscious affirmative action is currently doing little to help the truly disadvantaged in American society.
As I was pondering affirmative action, I decided to gauge the sentiment towards the idea.
Under that standard, an affirmative defense was held valid as long as it provided "fair notice" to the plaintiff of the defense.
Bollinger was previously president of the University of Michigan, where he was a defendant in the last big Supreme Court case on affirmative action in college admissions: Grutter v.
Once they were authorized to deposit recovered funds into their own accounts, many MTFs entered into agreements with claims field offices to fund additional personnel to support medical affirmative claims recovery efforts.
that appeals to a broader coalition." Eschewing affirmative action (though he has subsequently changed his mind), Wilson championed redistributive reforms through "race-neutral policies," contending that they could help the Democratic Party regain lost political support while simultaneously benefiting those further down within minority groups.
Proponents of affirmative action view it as a "positive and constructive action" (Libertella, et al, 2007).