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Primed with these new images whose most immediate affordance is the act of looking-through, we can now notice that in fact we are looking at this entire scene through an archway.
Key themes Key themes Descriptors Instruction Teacher modelling Teacher/student moderation Reciprocal teaching; peer teaching Online classroom Student/teacher identity Student/teacher agency Student/teacher position and voice Edmodo affordances Portal for: accessing information; providing content Portal for distribution of: resources; knowledge; dialogue Platform for collaboration Platform for sharing through multiple modes of expression Platform for supporting: interactions; sharing of discourse; audience formation; authoring processes Edmodo constraints Need for self-regulation Need to set boundaries/ Netiquette Access Troubleshooting Table 2.
Gibson (1977) described affordances as the opportunities for action intrinsically offered by objects, events, or environments.
The third, and final, question was, "What are the affordances of the use of images as a tool for students learning environmental science content?
Can we imagine a politeia of universal wardship, which is to say, a polis of affordances rather than norms?
A form of "functional seeing" the affordance performed a central role for the picking up of information carried in the ambient light, for example, reflected from objects in the environment.
Affordance is the store's effectiveness at communicating the unique benefits and value of each product;
By coupling the design research strategy of iterative constructive diagnostic research (Sless 1997) with approaches based on the affordance strength vector model (Ruecker 2006), we hope to maximize exploration of novel research questions at the early stages of the life cycle, while avoiding getting drawn into expensive, time--consuming development tasks.
The affordances of new digital technologies are expanding the modes and channels by which they are extending their sociality and expanding their social networks in the 'cultural flow' between the local and the global (Appadurai 1996).
While real time access to an instructor may be an affordance for the F2F delivery mode, just-in-time support can be provided through software application supported help programs, online help, and instructor generated FAQs.
The elusive, allusive world of hyperpersonal communication may provide a powerful affordance for communicative activity, and in Kirsten's case, demonstrably supported her foreign language development in the areas of syntax and pragmatics.
Proceeding from this position, I would like to say openly that if you are willing to put forward the initiative to establish a new political party, in affordance with the constitution of our country, such a party can be registered later this year.