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Antes da apresentacao e analise dos resultados obtidos, esclareceremos nas proximas secoes as ideias que suportam teoricamente o conceito de consumo como performance e as abordagens sociotecnicas das affordances em interfaces de sites de redes sociais, bem como as problematizacoes inerentes a essas articulacoes teoricas.
It may be that they are building a bridge to the planet itself, a bridge for the making explicit of the planet as a planet through a cosmic affordance space, the cultivated Earth system.
This potential to augment users' interactions, engagement, and experiences has revealed numerous affordances of AR for science learning.
In summary, the findings presented here suggest that few pre-service teachers in this sample use the video affordances of mobile and tablet devices to assist them with the process of collecting and reflecting on accreditation evidence.
10,000: ACMNA052) after placing the previous number but before the next number prompt appeared, accessing the affordance of focused constraint that restricted infinite navigation.
Affordances of mobile technology could enable virtual laboratory environments on m-learning system in functions of demonstration, presentation, remote controlling, user interface, interaction and data communications.
For the purposes of this study, we use the notion of affordance to help theorize the distinct facets of the TLN practices that contribute to the interactions that influence TL development.
Gibson, a perceptual psychologist was the first to describe affordance as a relational capacity of the product to the user and to the environment (Gibson, 1977, 1979; Kaptelinin & Nardi, 2012).
Together, Barker's theory of behavior settings and Gibson's theory of affordances (1986) conceptualize this relationship and provide a framework to investigate HIV risk behaviors in both commercial and public sex venues.
Essa estrategia obedece a teoria das affordances de Norman pois permite ampliar o potencial de visualizacao da informacao em funcao do seu posicionamento no espaco.
The first phase is simple, to look at the current landscape of 3-D technology; the second phase determines which tools work in terms of work flow; and finally the team will look at the affordance of the 3-D technology, display type and level of interaction, and evaluate the impact on audiences as well as gather feedback from newsrooms and professionals.