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[135-143] [Map 2, Block A] Further, in the province of Jam, the totality of the thriving estates in the aforenamed district, (128) consisting of flowing canals and the dam of the village of Naw-Dih, which is popularly known as Kariz-Dih, (129) with the mills and shops within the [following] four defined boundaries: the first boundary, [to the] east, terminates at the riverbed of the hamlet of Tirjird, (130) which is for the usufruct of the trustee of the blessed sepulcher of [honorifics] Shaykh al-Islam Ahmad [of Jam] (may God's light illume his exalted grave!).
The aforenamed Samuel Bayard and Benjamin Elias took an oath to the within written Inventory and Account before me Isaac Bobin being thereunto Authorized by his Ex.
And Messer Gioan Antonio, with words customarily used for such occasions, asked the aforenamed Madonna Laura if it pleased her to take for her legitimate spouse and husband the said Bartolomeo, and she answered yes.
In this paper we present some examples to illustrate how contrastive phonological analysis of the aforenamed systems can help the teacher of English to program his work concerning pronunciation.
After an emphatic statement in the Old English and Latin versions that priests should look upon the aforenamed books as essentials, not luxuries (I.53; 2.138).
When the aforenamed individuals had gathered, and everything had been settled by the neighboring landholders, ...
Using the aforenamed technique, we can get the leaching rate of impurities at different calcination temperatures, as shown in Fig.